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What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? Abject humiliation, perhaps? The line between hunter and prey becomes blurred and the chase is on - which way will the scales tip, in whose favor? Who will prevail, the vampire Sakuya, or the vampire hunter/dhampir Atsumi?Sakuyas troubles began when Atsumi comes into his life. He drinks Atsumis blood, and now he finds that human blood makes him nauseous, a pretty pickle for a vampire to be in. He vows to keep Atsumi by him, as his means of sustenance, but the damn fool keeps running away! Thats no good, not at all. In the meantime, his moping about is certainly not good for business. Here he is, in this goth looking love hotel with the strange name of Hotel Necrato. He is the star attraction, s&m Queen Sakuya. But lately, he hasnt been giving the customers their moneys worth, and Balaur, his right hand man/minion, is concerned.A year has passed, and no sign can be found of Atsumi. Sakuya is determined to find him, and put an end to his miserable existence once and for all, so that he can go on with his own life. And stop being so . . . obsessed . . . with the vampire hunter who has ruined his life. A vampire that cant drink blood? What use is he? When Sakuya goes to his next appointment, he is shocked to see none other than Atsumi - there and in the flesh. While Sakuya tries to provoke him, Atsumi asks why, since he has come as a submissive to him. But Sakuya knows that if Atsumi touches him with that tongue - which has a rather powerful crest upon it - he will be lost. And yet can he prevent it, and does he truly want to? To his surprise Atsumi confesses to being just a man now, that the hunters association found out about his tryst with a vampire and imprisoned him until he just recently escaped; his crest and his powers as a dhampir are gone. (A dhampir is the child born of a vampire and a human woman, possessing a crest on his tongue, and with powers to harm vampires - natural born vampire hunters).It seems that Atsumi is now an insurance salesman. He tries to interest Sakuya in buying some, but the vampire is singularly uninterested. He can only die at the hands of a dhampir, and who would he leave the money to, anyway? Atsumi admits to having bought some for himself, naming Sakuya as beneficiary. Balaur questions Atsumi as to his intentions - why does he want to kiss Sakuya again? What will he gain from that? Sakuya begs Atsumi to get one of the other dhampirs to kill him - he feels useless, a vegetarian vampire that cant even kill, what use is he? Atsumi seems angry at the suggestion - and what is this pain in Sakuyas heart? Atsumi tells him to get anyone he wants to kill him, as long as he doesnt have to see it, and he goes. Again.Sakuya is not pleased, a week later, to see Mr. Haoka at the Hotel, due to growing customer complaints. Sakuya is waging an inner war over his feelings concerning Atsumi, trying to understand them and come to grips with them. He needs to overcome what has happened, so that he may consume blood once again, and be what he was meant to be. He tries to seduce the humans who come to the Hotel but finds their stench unbearable. Balaur decides he needs to take action. Alone, Sayuka makes an appointment for himself with a tubby pig of a man. He finds himself having to fight off the mans unwelcome advances, when suddenly, Atsumi is there to defend him. Interestingly, he has his tongue crest back. And once Sakuya drinks from him once more, he finds his blood to be actually sweet. What does this mean?You can read my complete review at Yaoi Radius!

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